How can I install Datashare on a Windows prior to Windows 10 Pro?

1. On, click 'Download for free'. Follow the steps here until step 4 included. Docker Toolbox is then going to be installed. To do so, click 'Next >':

2. Click 'Next >' (or, if you want to change the location, click 'Browse'):

3. Make sure the boxes below are selected and click 'Next >':

4. Make sure the boxes below are selected and click 'Next >':

5. Click 'Install':

6. Wait for installing:

7. Once installing is finished, click 'Finish':

7. Installing Datashare is almost finished. Click 'Yes' to reboot. Your computer is going to restart:

8. Datashare for Windows and Docker Toolbox are installed, we now need to use the Linux launching script. To do so, go back to and, under the blue button, click the text 'Other platforms and versions'.

9. Click 'Linux' and the last version available (here '1.36'):

10. Click 'Save':

11. Go to your desktop, you should see a 'Docker Quickstart' icon. Double-click it:

12. A terminal window opens:

13. Then, you should see the command line windows below.

14. Type 'cd' and press 'Enter':

15. Type 'cd Downloads' and press 'Enter'. Then type 'ls' and check that '' appears (there can be other text, just make sure '' is here):

16. Type './' and press 'Enter':

17. To use Datashare, open your browser and go to URL '':

Datashare is now running as a server. Each time you want to use Datashare, open URL '' in your browser.

After having logged out or restarted your computer, you will need to restart the server and go from step 11 to step 17 above.