Architecture overview


The API is built with Django Rest Framework and implements the key concepts of Prophecies.

Use this page to explore the latest specifications of the API.

This schema follows the OpenAPI 3. You can load this file in many OpenAPI clients, including Swagger or Redoc.

The JSON:API spec is a standard for structuring JSON responses in APIs to optimize data exchange and efficiency.


Prophecies is based on the following open source tools:

  • Python 3.9, 3.10

  • Node 16, 18

  • Django 4.2

  • Django Rest Framework 3.14

  • Django Rest Framework JSON:API 6.1

  • Pytest

  • Vue 2.7

  • Vue CLI 5

  • Vuex ORM 0.36

  • Jest 28

  • Poetry

  • Yarn

Interaction workflow

This sequence diagram illustrates the communication flow within the Prophecies platform infrastructure, focusing on how a request travels from the user interface to the database and back.

Database schema

Here is a simplified version of the Database schema.

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Prophecies is an open source project by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists