Key concepts

This page introduce the key concepts used by Prophecies.


A group of tasks to verify. For instance "Pandora Papers" is a project.


Each task, or list of record, that must be verified under a specific set of rules. For instance, a list of "Paintings locations" to check. A task can have many options, including the type of form to use, the type of options present, the number of rounds of checks, etc.

Task Record

The actual records to check. Those record are always composed of an "original value" and a "predicted value". Checker will have to verify if the predicted value is correct. Each record can be identified uniquely with an optional uid.

Task Record Review

The assignation of a record to a checker. This can contain the result of the check ("correct", "incorrect", etc) as well as the alternative value proposed by the checker.


The user that will be in charge of checking a task record. The list of checkers is defined when creating the task.

Choice Group

The list of options that will be presented to the checker when reviewing a record. For instance "Correct", "Incorrect" and "I don't know". An option can be mark as "requiring an alternative value". For instance if you pick incorrect when reviewing an address, you might have to select the correct country.

Alternative Value

A list of alternative values that can be associated to a choice group. For instance, a list of countries and their ISO3 code.

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