Add documents to Datashare

Datashare provides a folder to use to collect documents on your computer to index in Datashare.

Find your Datashare folder on your Mac

Open your Mac's 'Finder' by clicking on the blue smiling icon in your Mac's 'Dock':

On the menu bar at the top of your computer, click 'Go'. Click on 'Home' (the house icon).

You will see a folder called 'Datashare':

If you want to quickly access it in the future, you can drag and drop it in 'Favorites' on the left of this window:

Add documents in your Datashare folder

Copy or place the documents you want to have in Datashare in this Datashare folder.

Launch Datashare

Open your Applications. You should see Datashare. Double click on it:

Datashare opens in your default internet browser. Click 'Tasks':

Click the 3rd tab 'Analyze your documents':

You can now analyze your documents in Datashare.

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Datashare is an open source project by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists