Explore a document

Once you opened a document, you can explore the document's data through different tabs.

Extracted text

In 'Extracted Text', you can read the text of a document as extracted by Datashare:
Please beware that Datashare show named entities by default. This can overwrite some original text with wrong named entities. It is thus important to always verify original text by deactivating named entity overwriting. To do so, please:
  • Turn off the toggle button ‘Show named entities’ and read the extracted text
  • Check the ‘Preview’ of original document if available
  • Check the original document at its original location or by clicking the pink button ‘Download

Search for attachments

If the documents has attachments (technically called 'children documents'), find them at the end of the document. Click their pink button to open them:
To open all the attachments in Datashare, click 'See children documents' in Tags and Details:

Search for terms within this document

  • Press Command(⌘) + F (on Mac) or Control + F (on Windows and Linux) or click on the search bar above your Extracted Text
  • Type what you search for
  • Press ENTER to go from one occurrence to the next one
  • Presse SHIFT + ENTER to go from one occurrence to the previous one
(To know all the shortcuts in Datashare, please read 'Use keyboard shortcuts'.)
This also counts the number of occurrences of your searched terms in this document:
If you run email extraction and searched for one or several email addresses, if the email adresses are in the email's metadata (recipient, sender or other field), there will be a 'in metadata' label attached to the email addresses:

Tags & Details

In 'Tags & Details', you can read the document's details. It's all the metadata as they appear in the original file. Please click 'Show more details' to get all metadata:
You can also read the tags you previously wrote for this document, like 'test1', 'test2' and 'test3' in the example below:
You can then search for the documents you tagged:
  • Type the tag(s) in the main search bar
  • Click 'All fields' and select 'Tags'
  • Click 'Search' or press 'Enter'
To learn more about tags, please read 'Tag a document'.

Named Entities

In 'Named Entities', you can read the name of people, organizations and locations as well as the number of their occurrences in the document:
Please beware that there can still be some errors due to the technology of Named Entity Extraction (NER) on which Datashare relies.
If you run email extraction, you will see a list of the extracted emails:


In 'Preview', you can read the original document.
'Preview' is available for some formats only.
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