Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts help do some actions faster.

Find these shortcuts in Datashare here:

It will open a window which recalls the shortcuts:

Go to the next / previous document

  • Windows / Linux

Control + ā†’

Control + ā†

  • Mac

Command (āŒ˜) + ā†’

Command (āŒ˜) + ā†

Find in document...

  • Windows / Linux

Control + F

  • Mac

Command (āŒ˜) + F

... and go from one occurrence to the next / previous occurrence

  • Go to next occurrence




  • Go to previous occurrence

Shift + Enter


Shift + F3

  • Windows / Linux

Control (ctrl) + alt + ā‡ž (pageup)

Control (ctrl) + alt + ā‡Ÿ (pagedown)

  • Mac

Command (āŒ˜) + option (āŒ„) + ā†‘ (arrow up)

Command (āŒ˜) + option (āŒ„) + ā†“ (arrow down)

Go back to search results

Once you opened a document, go back to search results:


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