About the server mode

In server mode, Datashare operates as a centralized server-based system. Users can access to the platform through a web interface, and the documents are stored and processed on Datashare's servers. This mode offers the advantage of easy accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, as users can log in to the platform remotely. It also facilitate seamless collaboration among users, as all the documents and analysis are centralized.

Launch configuration

Datashare is launched with --mode SERVER and you have to provide:
  • the external elasticsearch index address elasticsearchAddress
  • a Redis store address redisAddress
  • a Redis data bus address messageBusAddress
  • a database JDBC URL dataSourceUrl
  • the host of Datashare (used to generate batch search results URLs) rootHost
  • an authentication mechanism and its parameters
docker run -ti ICIJ/datashare:version --mode SERVER \
--redisAddress redis:// \
--elasticsearchAddress \
--messageBusAddress \
--dataSourceUrl jdbc:postgresql://db-server/ds-database?user=ds-user&password=ds-password \
# ... +auth parameters (see authentication providers section)
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