What do I do if Datashare opens a blank screen in my browser?

If Datashare opens a blank screen in your browser, it may be for various reasons. If it does:

  1. First wait 30 seconds and reload the page.

  2. If the screen remains blank, restart Datashare following instructions for Mac, Windows or Linux.

  3. If you still see a blank screen, please uninstall and reinstall Datashare

To uninstall Datashare:

On Mac, go to 'Applications' and drag the Datashare icon to your dock's 'Trash' or right-click on the Datashare icon and click on 'Move to Trash'.

On Windows, please follow these steps.

On Linux, please delete the 3 containers: Datashare, Redis and Elastic Search, and the script.

To reinstall Datashare, see 'Install Datashare' for Mac, Windows or Linux.

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