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Tag documents
You can tag documents, search for tagged documents and delete your tag(s).

Tag a document

    Open the document by clicking on its title
    Click the second tab 'Tags & Details'
    Type your tag
    Press 'Enter'
Tags can contain any character but cannot contain space.
Your new tag is now displayed on this page.
You can add several tags.

Search tags with tag filter

    Open the second filter untitled 'Tags'
    You see the tags by frequency and the number of tagged documents
    You can search using the search bar
    You can select one or multiple tags

Search tags with main search bar

To find all your documents tagged with specific tag(s):
    Type the tag(s) in the main search bar
    Select 'Tags' in the field dropdown menu
    Click 'Search' or press 'Enter'
The results are all the documents tagged with the tag(s) you typed in the search bar.
To find all your tagged documents, whatever the tags:
    Type nothing in the search bar
    Select 'Tags' in the field selector
    Click 'Search'
The results are all the tagged documents.

Delete a tag

Click the cross at the end of the tag that you want to delete.
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