Tag documents

You can tag documents, search for tagged documents and delete your tag(s).

Tag a document

  • Open the document by clicking on its title

  • Click the second tab 'Tags & Details'

  • Type your tag

  • Press 'Enter'

Tags can contain any character but cannot contain space.

Your new tag is now displayed on this page.

You can add several tags.

Search tags with tag filter

  • Open the second filter untitled 'Tags'

  • You see the tags by frequency and the number of tagged documents

  • You can search using the search bar

  • You can select one or multiple tags

To find all your documents tagged with specific tag(s):

  • Type the tag(s) in the main search bar

  • Select 'Tags' in the field dropdown menu

  • Click 'Search' or press 'Enter'

The results are all the documents tagged with the tag(s) you typed in the search bar.

To find all your tagged documents, whatever the tags:

  • Type nothing in the search bar

  • Select 'Tags' in the field selector

  • Click 'Search'

The results are all the tagged documents.

Delete a tag

Click the cross at the end of the tag that you want to delete.

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