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I upgraded to version 9 of Datashare and it fails.
To fix the issue:
    Stop Datashare. If Datashare is running, close the Terminal window (the window that opens when you start Datashare):
Click 'Terminate':
    Open your Terminal (or a new window in your Terminal) and copy and paste:
    If you're using Mac: rm -Rf ~/Library/Datashare/index
    If you're using Windows: rd /s /q "%APPDATA%"\Datashare\index
    If you're using Linux: rm -Rf ~/.local/share/datashare/index
    Press Enter
    Restart Datashare (here are the instructions for Mac, for Windows and for Linux)
    Index documents again: go to 'Analyse your documents' and click 'Extract text':
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