Install Datashare on Linux

Install Datashare will help you set up the software on your computer.
There are two ways of installing Datashare on Linux :
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    With Docker


There is only a package for debian/ubuntu systems (.deb file).
If you want to run it standalone with another Linux distribution, you can download the latest version of the Datashare jar here :
And adapt the following launch script : to your environment.
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    Go to the Datashare's website:
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    Click the blue button 'DOWNLOAD FOR FREE'.
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    Save the debian package as a file
save as file
2. Install it with the following command line:
$ sudo apt install /dir/to/debian/package/datashare-dist_7.2.0_all.deb
3. Run Datashare with:
$ datashare

With Docker

2. Don't forget (if not done during the install process) to add your user to the docker group:
sudo usermod -aG docker your-user
If you do so, you'll have to close your session and open a new one (logout and login again).
After having logged in again, you can check that it is working with :
docker ps
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    Install Docker Compose:****
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  3. 3.
    On the next window, select 'Save File' and click 'OK'.
In your Terminal, you can start installing Datashare:
Once installation is done, open your browser and use Datashare at http://localhost:8080/#/:
It will :
  • download redis, elasticsearch and Datashare docker containers
  • initialize an Elasticsearch index with Datashare mapping
  • provide CLI to run Datashare extract, index, name finding tasks
  • provide a WEB GUI to run Datashare extract, index, name finding tasks, and search in the documents.