Install Datashare on Mac

This will help you set up and install Datashare on your computer.

You need OS X El Capitan 10.11 or a more recent version. 1. Go to Datashare's website:

2. Click the blue button 'DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.'

3. On your desktop:

  • Open 'Finder' by clicking on the blue smiling icon of your Mac's 'Dock.'

  • Open 'Downloads.'

  • Double-click on 'Datashare.pkg.'

4. A window entitled 'Install Datashare' will open. Click twice on 'Continue' and then 'Install.'

5. At step 3, a window saying 'Installer is trying to install new software' will require your Mac username and password. Enter both and click 'Install Software.'

6. Once the windows says 'The installation was successful. The software was installed,' click on 'Close.'

7. A new windows will ask 'Do you want to move the "Datashare" Installer to the Trash?'. You can safely click 'Move to Trash':

8. You see a small window of 'Terminal' automatically opened. It describes ongoing technical operations and will close automatically. If it does not close automatically, please wait for process to be completed before manually closing it.

9. Datashare is now installed as well as another tool that makes it work, called Docker Desktop. You can find Docker Desktop on your Mac menu bar, on the top right of your computer's screen. Its icon is a little whale! It contains components necessary for Datashare to work. Docker Desktop will run automatically when you use Datashare.

If you don't see the docker whale, please continue to open with Datashare.

If Docker Desktop offers to log in with Docker ID, do NOT log in and close this window:

You're now ready to take the next step: let's open Datashare.