Install Datashare on Windows

It will help you set up the software on your computer.
You have 2 options:
  • the easiest: if you have Windows 7 Service Pack 2 or a newer version: you can use the standard option which installs Datashare without Docker.
  • if you have Windows 10 Pro and want a more powerful version: you can use another option which installs Datashare with Docker.

Standard (Windows 7 Service Pack 2 or newer version)

Uninstall any prior standard version

Before we start, please uninstall any prior standard version of Datashare if you had already installed it. You can follow these steps:

Download Datashare

Go to, scroll down and click 'Download for free'.
The file 'InstallDatashareStandalone.exe' is now downloaded. Double click on the name of the file in order to execute it.

Allow Datashare to install

As Datashare is not signed, this popup asks for your permission. Don't click 'Don't run' but click 'More info':
Click 'Run anyway':
It asks if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device. Click 'Yes':

Install Datashare

On the Installer Wizard, as you need to download and install OpenJDK8 if it is not installed on your device, click 'Install':
The following windows with progress bars will be displayed:
Choose a language and click 'OK':

Install Tesseract OCR

To install Tesseract OCR, click the following buttons on the Installer Wizard's windows:
Untick 'Show README' and click 'Finish':
Finally, click "Close" to close the installer of TesseractOCR.

Install Datashare.jar

It now downloads the back end and the front end, Datashare.jar:
When it is finished, click 'Close':

Find Datashare on your computer

Datashare is now installed. Click the Windows key, type 'Datashare' and you will see the App and its version number. Click 'Datashare':
It will open a 'command line' window, a window that shows the logs of Datashare's server (that is to say a description of the actions run by Datashare's server):
When you'll see the log 'Server started on port 8080'.
You can now Open Datashare.

Version with Docker installer (Windows 10 Pro)

You will need Windows 10 Pro or a newer version.

Download Datashare

Go to the Datashare's website:
Click the blue button 'DOWNLOAD FOR FREE'.
You might see a window saying 'Windows protected your computer'. DO NOT click on the button 'Don't run'. Click on the text 'More info':
When the next window opens, click on 'Run anyway'.

Install Datashare

On the next window, click 'Install'.
Datashare is installing.
The system will ask you to reboot to restart your computer. Click on 'Yes'.
When you restart, another application will automatically open: Docker Desktop with its little whale icon. It will be visible on your Windows' menu bar, at the bottom right of your computer screen. It contains components necessary to have Datashare work. Docker Desktop will automatically be running when you use Datashare. You don't need an I.D. for this. To close this window, click on the white 'x' on the right side of the red background.
You're now ready to the next step. Let's open Datashare.