Open Datashare

It will help you find the application on your computer and have it running locally in your browser.
Open the Windows main menu at the left of the bar at the bottom of your computer screen and click on 'Datashare'. (The numbers after 'Datashare' just indicate which version of Datashare you installed.)
A window called 'Terminal' will have opened, showing the progress of opening Datashare. Do not close this black window as long as you use Datashare.
When it's done, Datashare automatically opens in your default internet browser.
If it does not open automatically in your browser, type localhost:8080/#/ in your internet browser.
Datashare runs in your internet browser, even though it will work offline with no internet connection. ****(see FAQ: Can I use Datashare with no internet connection?)
It's now time to add documents to Datashare.